Saturday, January 09, 2010

Battery bank moved

Battery bank moved!
This morning we woke thinking about our battery bank. Do you remember last Wednesday when we were surprised by a tope? [toe-pay] [speed bump] The battery bank slid forward, ending in a skewed position. If the battery bank could be moved against the wall to its right, it would never move again!

So, this morning we moved each battery by itself. Little by little, each battery was moved to the right. Now, as you may see in the pic below, the battery bank is up against the wall!
Battery bank in place!

Battery Mats
Do you see the dark areas on the lower part of the battery box? These marks came from small amounts of battery acid. We stopped that battery acid accumulation with battery mats [link]. Now, every battery in MsTioga has a battery mat. Even the two batteries in MsTioga's engine compartment!

12 Noon - Sun and Blue skies!
This morning we remained at our Nite Camp site until 9am. That's the time that Lupe's barber shop opens the center of Aticama. We like to go to Lupe's, because there are always interesting people to talk to while waiting for a haircut.

We are now at our Day Camp at Playa de Matanchen. The clouds of the past week are gone! Only Sun and Blue skies today. Our battery bank has only 20 amps to go for a full charge, and the solar panels are bringing 21.5 amps. No work for Little Honda today!
Great weather has returned!

There are many differences between the Mexican and American cultures. One that affects me is soup! The kinds of soup that appeals to the Mexican people is far different than soup that Americans like.

Looking at the soup display in Mexican groceries all over the country of Mexico, we find these soups. Cream of Mushroom. Cream of Corn. Cream of Asparagus. Posole-pork & hominy.

What we do not find, as we mentioned before in other blog posts, is plain ordinary common, Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Our friend Juan and his wife Mimi are bringing us a bunch of cans of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Thank you, Juan!