Saturday, January 02, 2010

Business is good in Aticama

Business is good in Aticama!
The restaurants and stores are filled with Mexican tourists. This is a big change from just a week ago when business around here was hurting. Now, cars with license plates from as far away as Mexico City are seen driving around.

The beach at Matanchen may have had up to 1,000 people enjoying the beauty of this place. At the Playa Amor RV Campground, even their overflow camping area was open.

With the New Year holiday bringing crowds of tourists, things are looking good for business in Aticama!

Sounds in Mexico.
When you travel in Mexico, you might be surprised to find that sounds here may be loud. The people of Mexico do not demand regulation of music or loud speakers as is done in the USA and Canada.

Here in Aticama there is a loud speaker mounted on top of a building near the center of the town. This loud speaker is used for making announcements. For example, birthday music was played this morning at around 7am. This music was for a particular person whose birthday was being celebrated that day.

The Maria Elena restaurant in Aticama advertises on this loud speaker. Each advertisement lasts for about a minute. The message describes the food that may be enjoyed. The speaker delivers its message four times. In case you have not heard it the first time.

10AM - Up the beach Camp.
After dropping the laundry at Casa Mañana, MsTioga and The Team drove to our Playa Matanchen Camp in front of El Chaco. The beach is loaded with people. We decided to look for a more tranquil beach Camp.

We drove north on the highway paralleling the coast and used a narrow beach access road to get to where we are now. The high tide is receding.
MsTioga in a tranquil place.

2PM - Light rain.
People from Aticama say that they cannot remember a year when it has rained in January. Even so, it has been lightly raining for the last couple of hours. The Sun has yet to make an appearance thru the thick grey clouds.

Mr. Sunny's solar panels have not produced more than 3 amps all day. So, Little Honda Generator has had to do the battery bank charging all alone!

6PM - Nite Camped on coast road.
This afternoon before 5pm, MsTioga drove to Casa Mañana to pick up our laundry. The restaurant at Casa Mañana has on the menu a Shrimp Burger, which is very good. I could not resist and went to the restaurant and bought one of these Shrimp Burgers.

After supper, we went to make our Nite Camp. As you may recall, we have been Nite Camping lately near Samuel the truck driver's home. However, we have been invaded by ants at this Nite Camp. So, we decided to make our Nite Camp on the coast road close to El Centro de Aticama.