Saturday, January 23, 2010

Copper Canyon Adventure

Copper Canyon Adventure!
On New Years Day 2008, I began a remarkable adventure to Copper Canyon in Mainland Mexico [link].

If you are now wintering in Arizona, you might like to consider journeying south into the fabulous country of Mexico and have yourself a Copper Canyon Adventure too! [link]

Readers' thoughts about solar power
A ton of email has been received with advice about our recent challenge with our solar electric system. This morning a Skype call came in from Reader Bob Parker. Bob Parker is an admirer of solar expert Handy Bob [a different Bob].

Bob Parker has upped the wiring size for his solar electric system, and has seen a 30% improvement in his charging performance. Bob also uses the Morningstar battery charge controller, and raves about this controller.

We are now on the lookout for new and larger cabling in order to perfect our solar electric performance. However, our solar electric system was terrific even before our quest for perfection. We never even came close to running out of battery power during our seven years of fulltiming.

We run the microwave with no problems, as you may see in the pic below!
Jorge eats microwave popcorn!

My heart!
I've received a lot of email and some ShoutBox messages about the recent post about My Heart. My blog is not an appropriate place to answer Readers questions about this post, in my opinion.

However, the Tioga-George forum is such a place. Because Readers may express themselves without the limitations of the ShoutBox.

I have begun a thread on Tioga-George forum titled "My heart". You may go directly to that thread by clicking [here].

Also, there is a Tioga-George Forum link just above the ShoutBox.

Little Mavicita captures.....
...MsTioga at sunset