Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earning money with your website

Earning money with your website!
Have you wondered about how to earn income with your website? Our MsTioga Magazine has a story sharing what we know about the Google AdSense program.

Click [here] to read that story.

7AM - Being too open.
This morning I spent some time reading my blog pages back in 2007. I was embarrassed by what I had written in some of my blog posts. Being open about my life and about how I feel about stuff is a good thing. But being too open seems foolish to me now.

I have changed since those past times. So, I've been deleting some 2007 stuff that seems inappropriate.

2PM - Flyboy David.
The replacement starter motor has arrived via DHL Airfreight in the City of Tepic. Good thing too! Because Flyboy David was not handling being grounded very well. This morning David was pouting, big time!

Flyboy David took the bus from San Blas to Tepic. He should be back with his starter by this evening.

8:30PM - Star Trek!
This evening, Flyboy David, Laura and Jorge watched the movie, Star Trek! This is the latest Trek movie which begins with James T. Kirk being born way out in space as the space ship his mother and father are on is destroyed by huge Romulan ship. Very exciting!

David and I loved this Star Trek. Unfortunately for Laura who comes from Argentina, the English spoken during this movie was far too fast to be understood.

Watching movies inside MsTioga is a treat. Mr. HP has a high definition screen and the sound comes thru our quada-phonic sound system.