Wednesday, January 20, 2010

February 2007 Redux

February 2007 Redux
The month of February in 2007 was a turbulent and exciting time for the TiogaRV Team. I got pneumonia [link] and was hospitalized four days in Santa Rosalia to get cured. MsTioga began her fiberglass and paint jobs that month [link].

That was also the time that my cell phone turned up missing. The missing cell phone eventually led to a breakup of my relationship with Chito's family in Santa Rosalia. Unknown to me then, was that I would never return to Santa Rosalia again after 2007.

Editing 2007 blog posts
Yesterday's blog about editing my 2007 posts wasn't worded correctly. The only things that I've removed from those 2007 blog posts were links and references to some autobiographical web pages that I published. Those web pages that I de-linked seemed screwy to me now.

All of my blog posts remain untouched except for these links and references.

1PM - Are we getting any rain?
Richard & Donna asked in ShoutBox, "Are we getting any rain?"
A rainy day at La Playa de Matanchen.

5PM - Battery Report
Reader friend Florida Mike recommended Handy Bob to me [link]. Reading Handy Bob has convinced me that:
  • My solar electric system is huge!
  • Something may be wrong with my Solar Boost 50 battery charge controller
  • The wiring from my solar panels to the charge controller may be too small
I am determined to find out what is wrong, and fix my solar electric system!

Flying with David!
This afternoon, Flyboy David installed his replacement starter, and it worked great. David invited me to go flying. He likes to fly just above the surf. Very exciting.

The mountains are soooooo green looking from the air. There has been unusual rain during December bringing the forest growth to a lovely color.