Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ford dealer in Tepic

Ford dealer in Tepic
MsTioga has an appointment this morning with the Ford dealer in Tepic. We like the repair shop here because of Manuel, the service department manager. Manuel is one of the best mechanics that we on the TiogaRV Team have ever met.
  • MsTioga needs a radiator leak repair.
  • Front wheel bearings lubricated.
  • Change oil and lubricate.
  • Repair windshield stone crack.

8AM - Ford has WiFi!
Mr. HP and Jorge are in the waiting room at Ford where there is a WiFi access point. We are using the time here at Ford to catch up on email. We are far behind in replying to email.

3PM - Waiting for radiator.
All of MsTioga's work has been completed except for the radiator. We are awaiting notice from the radiator shop.

6PM - Finishing up.
Getting close to finishing up with the radiator. Things do not go fast in Mexico. But the prices are not large.

The radiator was repaired, not replaced. The guy who was supposed to fix the windshield never did arrive. The cost for the work, $267US.