Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Header pics

Header pics
We don't know what our header pic was before finding the Town of Santa Rosalia in 2004. During our journey north that year, we thought more and more about Santa Rosalia. By the time we returned to Santa Rosalia on December 04, 2005, we knew that we loved this town, and wanted to make it our winter home [link].

We also knew that we wanted our home in Santa Rosalia to be just across from the museum! There is an empty lot there, and we received permission from the property owner to camp in this lot. However, next door there was a social hall, where weddings, birthdays and parties were held. The party music was soooooo loud. We decided to move our Camp up the hill near the water tank and next to Chito's home.

Below is our header pic at Hill Camp. This header pic remained on our blog until we found Aticama in 2008!
Hill Camp in Santa Rosalia.

9AM - Radiator leak!
This morning MsTioga parked on the grass at Paraiso Escondido, close to our usual camping place on Playa Matanchen. We wanted to check and lubricate Mr. Levelers on the grass where there is very little beach sand.

While underneath MsTioga, a drip of radiator coolant was seen falling to the ground. Inspection showed the leak to be coming from the radiator's tank.

12 Noon - Ford dealer in Tepic.
MsTioga drove to Tepic in order to fix the radiator at the Ford dealer. The shop is busy now, so we got an appointment for next Tuesday.

5PM - Battery bank moved!
MsTioga and The Team are Camped in our favorite Tepic neighborhood, a couple of blocks away from WalMart and other stores. While here we completed our monthly battery bank maintenance.

The battery bank received a jolt this morning when we came upon a tope [speed bump] too fast. As you may see in the pic below, the battery bank is now sitting a bit askew to its space. No cables were damaged by this movement, because they have enough slack.

It bothers my sense of order to have the bank crooked like this. I would prefer the bank sit flush against the wall on the right. But the entire bank would have to be disassembled in order to move each battery separately. No way to move the entire six batteries in the bank all together, because they are soooooo heavy!
Crooked battery bank.

What our blog looked like in 2003!
We just received an email from Thomas Thibodeau who found a link to Tioga-George Blog in 2003. Thomas is the friend and reader who supplies us with the code for our calendar used for our archives.

Wow! Our blog was so different then! Here is what our very first blog looked like on May 14, 2003 [link].