Saturday, January 30, 2010

Herman Ruth and Weng

Herman, Ruth and Weng
This morning Herman, Ruth and Weng are driving in MsTioga to the Town of San Blas. Ruth and Weng are going shopping for tomorrow's birthday party. Herman and I will remain in MsTioga. Herman wants to study about HTML, the code behind web pages. I offered to help Herman learn about this stuff.

Herman and Ruth are very supportive friends and Portland, Oregon neighbors of Weng and Francisco. This is the second year that Herman and his wife Ruth have come to Aticama to stay at Hill Top Home.

Weng and Francisco could not have better friends than Herman and Ruth!

Herman responds to Aquagirly
As you may know, Herman and Ruth are married. Herman is a retired medical doctor. Ruth is an educator with 32 years experience.

When Herman read the ShoutBox post of Aquagirly, he wished to respond. Below is Aquagirly's post and Herman's response.

Aquagirly: "To be honest with y'all. I quit clicking on Weng's blog because I think what they are doing is wrong. Her kids need to be in school, not traveling around being vagabonds. Are they being properly home schooled? I refuse to participate in supporting uneducated kids."

Herman: Aquagirly, I appreciate your expressing your concern about the children's education, because I realize that other friends might have similar concerns. Indeed, apart from the fact that Weng's family is in Mexico for these weeks for reasons other than vacation, the children's formal schooling is uninterrupted.

Before the family left for Mexico in December, Ruth met with Weng and school personnel at the children's school. A curriculum was laid out for the children's education while in Mexico.

Ruth has worked with Weng and the children throughout the 2009 school year doing reading and math activities. This reading and math education continues here in Mexico with daily sessions and Weng as the instructor.

How wonderful it would be if all parents and friends demonstrated loving and competent attention to children's education as do the grownups in the lives of these children!
Herman composing Aquagirly response.