Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hiking up the hill

9AM - Hiking up the hill!
MsTioga has made a Day Camp on the coast road below Weng & Francisco's hill top home. Mr. Datastorm is online. Our WiFi signal should reach from here to Weng & Francisco's place.

Our plan this morning is to hike up to the hill top home so that the family may use our WiFi to make blog posts. The family has no internet access while in Aticama, except for our Mr. Datastorm! We will carry Mr. HP, our notebook computer up the hill for Weng to use, because her computer has a messed up wireless adapter. Also going up the hill is our Hawking wireless booster antenna.

In the pic below, Little Mavicita has captured MsTioga, Mr. Datastorm and Weng & Francisco's hill top home for you to see.
Weng & Francisco's WiFi connection!

3PM - What happened?
Mr. HP was not able to connect to Mr. Datastorm using the Hawking antenna because I forgot to bring the password to our WiFi! Can you imagine that?! So, Weng was not able to update her blog from her hilltop home.

Weng prepared a very nice lunch which the whole family ate inside her kitchen. Weng likes to cook with a wok, and she made a delicious chicken combination in her wok. In the pic at the bottom, you may view Weng's lunch.

During the afternoon, Weng went down to MsTioga and made her blog post.
Weng making her post inside MsTioga.

Weng's lunch.

I'm sure that I've written to you before about my feelings on love. In movies, I always hope that the guy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. It seems that "happily ever after" does not happen much. "Shakespeare In Love" "Bridges of Madison County" "Romeo and Juliet" "Mrs. Doubtfire" "Cast Away" All these end sadly for love.

Tonite I watched a light romance movie, "The Rebound" starring Catherine Zeta Jones. A 40 year old woman and 25 year old man fall for each other. The movie ends with viewers believing that love will triumph after all.

After the movie I walked on the beach. The nite sky is clear. The stars so bright. And I felt so happy that the lovers in this movie found each other.