Wednesday, January 27, 2010

John and Mimi

John and Mimi!
My good friends John and Mimi have arrived in Aticama . MsTioga and I did not know that as we drove by the Playa Amor RV Campground in Aticama yesterday morning, John and Mimi were camped there! It was not until past 10pm last nite, that John and Mimi's email told that they were waiting for us! Wow!

So, this morning at 6am, MsTioga and I are heading down the mountain from Tepic. We should be back in Aticama by 8am to see our friends at Playa Amor.

PS: It is 12:30am now, and I am too excited about John & Mimi's arrival to sleep!

8AM - Playa Amor
The trip from Tepic to the RV park at Playa Amor takes MsTioga almost two hours. As you may know, the road thru the jungle is very twisty. Our speed is less than 25 miles per hour.

When we arrived at Playa Amor only Armani the cat seemed to be stirring in John & Mimi's RV. But soon we were invited inside where we chatted for about an hour.

9:30AM - Paraiso Escondido
We drove in MsTioga to Paraiso Escondido for breakfast. Everybody around here acknowledges that Paraiso Escondido is the best restaurant in the area. We all ordered the same thing! Juevos Rancheros!
Mimi, John and Jorge
Paraiso Escondido Restaurant

Note: Paraiso Escondido means Hidden Paradise-and it is!

11AM - Visiting Hill Top Home
After breakfast, we drove along the little coast road and parked below Weng and Francisco's Hill Top Home. MsTioga waited next to the cemetery, and the three of us walked up the hill.

We watched the road builders for awhile. Three men were busy tamping down stones that make up the pavement. Then we continued up to Hill Top Home.

Francisco and Herman had just finished baking bread rolls, so the kitchen smelled soooooo good! We then chatted together. Herman read a poem that he had written for Ruth's [wife] upcoming birthday. Herman is a remarkable poet and artist!
John, Weng & Mimi