Sunday, January 10, 2010

Late blog post

10AM - Late blog post!
The TiogaRV Team did a lot of things this morning which resulted in a late blog post!

At 7am we took a run up to Casa MaƱana to leave off the laundry. Then we headed over to our Beach Camp at Matanchen. There are several maintenance chores to do this morning, and we wanted to do them before the Sun got high. Jorge is not good out in the Sun.

The maintenance stuff for today:
  • Check all exterior lights
  • Maintain two batteries under hood
  • Check power steering fluid
  • Check battery fluid
The maintenance above is done monthly. The exterior light check includes lights for brakes, turning, headlights and all clearance lights. Today one clearance light on the cabover had a cracked lense which was repaired using Eternabond!

Recently we learned something about battery maintenance that we would like to share with you. Our batteries get that greenish corrosion. Do your batteries get that too? Not all our batteries get corrosion, just some of them.

A few days ago we tried to clean this corrosion with a damp abrasive sponge and were completely surprised when not only the green corrosion was cleaned off, but the copper battery lugs came out shiny bright! Without hardly any work, the damp abrasive sponge did the job!

Now we are waiting anxiously to see if this water cleaning method will reduce the reappearance of that greenish corrosion.

Jorge's new haircut!
Our good friend Terry Taylor [aka tgt] made a ShoutBox post asking to see Jorge's new haircut which we call the "buzz-cut". Terry is such a sweety! How could we refuse?

Terry is famous in the RVing World for her Camping Journal [link]
Jorge's buzz-cut!

3PM - Weng is back posting!
Weng and her kids came down the hill from home to spend time on the beach at Matanchen. Then she went into MsTioga to make a blog post!

If you would like to see Weng's post, click on the Read Weng link in our left column.
Weng blog posting.

The party!
There is a party over at Weng and Francisco's Hill Top Home this evening. Coming to the party are Jerry & Carolyn who live on the hill below Hill Top Home. Also Flyboy David and his woman friend Laura. Jorge is coming to the party too!
David and Francisco.