Friday, January 29, 2010

Living in paradise

Living in paradise
MsTioga and The Team live in a paradise here in Aticama and the Beach of Matanchen. It is tranquil, peaceful and beautiful. We want to be like the fool on the hill sitting perfectly still watching the world spinning round.

There are people here in paradise. And with people come ripples, disturbances in the tranquility and peace. We want to ride these ripples and remain unchanged. We are changed however, and there is nothing to be done about that.

Weng and her family are at Hill Top Home for only a short while. Money is the problem. The lack of it. Husband and father Francisco was sick four months this past year, unable to work and earn as he usually does. Francisco and Weng love their Hill Top Home and the Pueblo of Aticama. So, with a giant effort they made the journey from Portland, Oregon to Aticama knowing that in only a few weeks after arrival, they must return to Portland. Not enough was earned to stay here longer.

Francisco and Weng's struggles affect me in a powerful way. I am drawn up to Hill Top Home to share life with the family. It is a wonderful time for me. Yet we all know that too soon will come the time to begin packing up. And this knowing brings the ripples in the peace and tranquility of this paradise.