Friday, January 22, 2010

A matter of the heart

A matter of the heart
The hike to Weng & Francisco's Hill Top Home is steep. During yesterday's hike in the steepest parts, I had to rest several times for a few seconds to continue.

You may have read in prior blog posts, that my heart has a congenital defect. My aortic valve is bicuspid, has two lips instead of three. Being bicuspid causes my blood flow thru the aorta to be turbulent. Also, I do not receive all the oxygen that a normal heart delivers.

There is another symptom that only recently a cardiologist identified for me. It is dizziness and nausea. A real bummer because who likes to be dizzy and nauseous? Fortunately, I am not dizzy or nauseous often due to this condition.

There is only one cure for my aortic valve, and that is valve replacement. I decided some time ago not to do this valve replacement. It is fascinating to see the symptoms coming on knowing that likely this will be the thing that ends me.

9AM - Steady progress with batteries
One of the great things about having a website with a lot of Readers is the support received. Readers have written with tons of ideas and suggestions.

The cable connecting our solar panels to battery charge controller is #6 AWG and only 10 feet long. The cable connecting the battery charge controller to the battery bank is #8 wire and only 4 feet long. There is no perceptible voltage loss in either of these cable runs.

I have been in email contact with Blue Sky Energy, maker of our Solar Boost 50 Battery Charge Controller. It is my opinion that the problem with getting a 100% battery charge is directly related to insufficient battery charging voltage. This morning I made an adjustment to charge voltage inside the controller and am waiting anxiously to see the results.
Our battery controller
With cover off for adjustments.