Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mexcaltitan - home of the Aztecs

Mexcaltitán - home of the Aztecs!
This morning John, Mimi, Jorge and Little Mavicita are heading north to the mysterious island of Mexcaltitán - home of the Aztecs! Like a magnet, Mexcaltitán keeps drawing us back for visits!

Do you recall in March, 2009 when we flew with Flyboy Chip to find Mexcaltitán? On our first flight attempt, we were turned back by strong winds. A few days later, we made it! [link]

Note: We have published a MsTioga Magazine story about Mexcaltitán [link]

9AM - Repairing MsTioga's windshield
Awhile back MsTioga's windshield got hit by small stone. This stone hit began getting spider like tiny cracks. Our friend John took up a sideline and trained to do professional windshield repairing!

John's did a marvelous job filling the crack with an epoxy resin. The stone hit is almost invisible, and now there are no cracks to be seen!
John repairing windshield.

10PM - Day tripping
Our trip north went thru small agricultural towns. We stopped and bought banana bread, very popular around these parts. It took over almost two hours to travel the 40 miles to Mexcaltitán.

12 Noon - Mexcaltitán
It is very quiet on the Island of Mexcaltitán. Hardly any tourists there. Without tourists, most shops are closed. So is the museum!

We walked the quiet streets, and picked a restaurant for lunch. John and I had shrimp. Mimi ordered fried fish.
My garlic shrimp

5PM - Good bye!
Back at the beach of Matanchen, John & Mimi said good bye to MsTioga and The Team. Tomorrow morning they head out thru Tepic, bound for the giant City of Guadalajara!

You may follow their journey [here].