Sunday, January 31, 2010


On the last day of each month, we on the TiogaRV Team prepare a new month log. It's a simple form showing the date and ending mileage for that day. We like to know how many miles we traveled during a day. We now have a small pile of these month papers, going back to day one for The Team.

Our first day was February 25, 2003. MsTioga's odometer read 53,746 miles. We pulled out of Manteca Trailer & Camper heading toward our homebase in Concord, California. By day's end the odometer read 53,804. Our first trip was 58 miles long.

These monthly logs seem to be coming and going faster now. As the February, 2010 log was being prepared this morning, MsTioga and I were thinking about the pile of logs that represents our time together. All of the todays that have gone before! It is a tricky thing putting perspective on this stuff. Living in today, in the moment. Yet remembering the beginning. Knowing that there will be a last log someday.

Yes, someday. But not today!
MsTioga's Monthly logs

MsTioga's odometer today reads: 126,798 miles