Monday, January 25, 2010

Morningstar Tristar

Morningstar Tristar!
After receiving tons of advice from Readers, and reading Handy Bob's pages numerous times, I have made some decisions about my solar electric system.
  • Buy a Morningstar Tristar PWM battery charge controller
  • Rewire from controller to battery bank using #2 AWG wire
  • Rewire from solar panels to controller with #6 AWG wire

8AM - Visiting Hill Top Home
MsTioga parked along the coast road below Weng & Francisco's Hill Top Home. We want to go up to Hill Top to meet Herman and Ruth who are staying there. Also, to find about the road paving.

I walked slowly up the hill to avoid the heart related problems that I wrote to you about a few days ago. The fellow doing the road paving was busy tamping down stones. He told me that the road is slanted 2" across its width so that rain runs off the downhill slope.

We stopped at Jerry and Carolyn's trailer to say hello. While drinking coffee, Jerry told that he and Carolyn are paying for the paving, which will extend just beyond the S-curve, the steepest place. The road will also be paved to Jerry & Carolyn's property, only about 50 feet away.
Rock paving the road

Bagels and bialys!
Herman loves to cook, and one of his favorite things is baking bagels and bialys! When Little Mavicita and I arrived at Hill Top, Herman was busy baking. Herman and Ruth also love to teach, and used baking as an opportunity to teach Weng & Francisco's son Tommy about fractions. Tommy did pretty good!
Herman & Ruth


Francisco brings papayas!

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