Sunday, January 17, 2010

New year party

New year party!
Weng and Francisco had a New Year Party at their Hill Top Home. Little Mavicita and I went to that party. Nobody else came! What happened?

On New Year's eve, Hill Top Home was not ready for a party. There was no electricity, no refrigerator, no stove/oven. The road to Hill Top Home had not been graded, so Francisco's van with all the family's supplies could not be driven up there. This party really was premature.

So, Weng decided to have another New Year Party. And this evening we are going to celebrate New Year 2010 at Hill Top Home once again!

Note: Weng and Francisco do not have easy access to the internet here in Aticama. That is why their blogs have not been updated lately.

The Battery Mat
Several Readers have emailed over the past month asking about The Battery Mat that is used by MsTioga to absorb battery acid. We now have a Battery Mat installed under all eight of MsTioga's batteries.

You may read our blog story published the day that we installed Battery Mats [here].

MsTioga Magazine's story about Deep Cycle Batteries is [here].

Tomlinson biking family!
We received the pic below from Ingrid Tomlinson taken during their trip last year. Ingrid did not tell where the pic was made. Could it be Glacier National Park?
On the road to Argentina!

3PM - Battery bank undercharged!
It seems that I'm forever learning new things about batteries. It appears that my way of charging Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank has not been working. Recently the battery bank has not been holding its charge during the nite.

Checking specific gravity of our deep cycle batteries showed a 1.235 to 1.240 reading. Our batteries are manufactured by Crown Battery. According to Crown's website, a fully charged battery should be 1.280 [link].

For the past two days our equalizing charge time has been upped from 30 minutes to 3 hours, which has brought the specific gravity to a 1.250 reading. Continuing with this 3 hour daily equalization is expected to bring our Crown batteries to a full charge in about a week.