Friday, January 08, 2010

Overcast days

Overcast days!
Never in the history of the TiogaRV Team, can we recall a time with so many overcast days as now. If not for our Little Honda generator, we would be without electric power! As you may know, our deep cycle battery bank must be brought to a full charge each day. Without that daily full charge, the life of a deep cycle battery is threatened.

Today we are going to try a new routine with our solar panels. Usually we position MsTioga so that the panels are tipped up to being close to perpendicular to the Sun from about 11am to 3pm. Today we are going to re-position MsTioga several times so that the panels are perpendicular to the Sun thru out the entire day.

Hopefully, this re-positioning will take a load off Little Honda generator!

In the pic below, Little Mavicita is looking directly at the Sun! Wow! We cannot see the Sun! Right now it is 8:30am. The solar panels should be generating about 21 amps, but are only generating a pitiful 3.5 amps.
No Sun!

10AM - Flyboys visit.
Flyboy Chip came over to MsTioga to chat. Chip, as you may recall, is a quiet and pleasant fellow. Chip has a friendly black and white dog named Peaches.

Flyboy David came over with an invitation for breakfast. David hates to eat alone. He loves lots of company at breakfast. So, of course we went to breakfast! Chip was there, along with David's lovely woman friend Laura [lau-rah]. Laura is from Argentina.

On returning from breakfast, we found that the Sun had made an appearance! MsTioga re-positioned herself about 40° clockwise, to get a better angle to the Sun. Our Solar Boost Battery Charge Controller now reads 19.1 amps!

12 Noon - Laura & Francis.
Guess what? MsTioga has visitors! Laura and Francis came to call. They both want to use Mr. Datastorm's internet connection!
Laura & Francis!