Tuesday, January 05, 2010


It is amazing to me that even now, past my 72nd birthday, I am still struggling to reach perfection. If you have been reading my site for awhile, you may have stumbled across "My Values" pages [link].

Lately I have been tested with my some of the goals for my Character Value. Especially:
  • 8. To be non-judgmental and assume that others are thinking and doing good things.
  • 9. To be uncritical of others, both in word and thought.
Yesterday, for example, one of those little ATVs zipped down the beach and a hat blew off landing on the sand. The ATV continued on, unaware of the loss. A camper ran over to the hat, before any body else claimed it, and walked happily back to show this hat to his friends.

Watching this happening, my thought was that the hat would be returned when the ATV came back down the beach. But no! When the ATV came back I saw that the finder would be a keeper!

I found myself violating my values and being judgmental and critical. Wow! When will perfection be achieved?

2PM - We love banana bread.
In the tiny coast town of Islitas about 8 kilometers north of Aticama, is a bakery that sells banana bread. It is soooooo good!

A little while ago, a young man drove up on an ATV with a tray full of banana bread from this bakery. Irresistible!

Cost: 25 pesos $2US
Banana bread