Friday, January 15, 2010


Rain began falling this morning around 2am, and has continued sporadically. However, there are breaks in the rain clouds and we see the Sun peeking thru!

Tomlinson family - Arctic to Argentina.
We are on Ingrid Tomlinson's email notification list. We will post here on our blog when info & pics are received.

Readers have asked questions:
  • nomadpaul: Jorge, does the Tomlinson's daughter have her own bike? Daughter Kate rides on a tandem bike behind Sean, her father. Sean says that Kate produces a lot of energy when going up hills!
  • krs2fer Do the Tomlinsons have a website? No, there isn't any website that we know about.

8AM to 2PM - Home on the hill.
We have climbed up to Weng and Francisco's home on the hill to find out how the storm affected the family last nite. We met Francisco and Jerry on the way to San Blas to arrange for Jerry's water contract.

Once in the Home on the Hill, Weng told about last nite's rain storm. It was very windy up here, and the rain came thru the open windows making the bed damp. The tent cover over the patio table had to be taken down, because of the wind.

It is a lot of fun being up at Weng and Francisco's home. The kids run around doing neat things. Francisco put up a swing, and the kids were like monkeys on this swing.
The kids were hungry, and Weng was about to prepare tuna salad. I offered to do the preparation and added shredded carrot, onion and cucumber. Everybody loved my tuna salad!
Jorge & Kavena making tuna salad.

Kavena swinging!

Reader Minot's link to Tomlinson story.
We have a story about the Tomlinson family! The link to the story was provided by Reader Minot in a ShoutBox post! [link]

Thank you soooooo much Reader Minot!