Thursday, January 07, 2010

Remembering Old Blogger

Remembering Old Blogger!
Our blog post yesterday titled "Header Pics", brought back memories of Old Blogger. When we first began our blog in May, 2003, Blogger was very different than now. Very often back then when we pressed the "Publish Post" button, Blogger would crash. Sometimes the post would be lost. More often publishing was a challenge requiring publishing attempts over and over again.

On the first day of 2004, we lost our Tioga-George blog. Something went wrong at Blogger, and our blog went bye-bye. So, we made a new blog. That new blog is the one you are reading now. Eventually using backups, we were able to restore the lost blog posts for 2003. However, that event of losing our blog, made us cautious about trusting Google's Blogger. From that time on, we stored our pics and blog posts on our web host's servers. Our web host is 1&1 Internet.

Three column blog
At the beginning, we used a Blogger template to create the Tioga-George blog. But we wanted a 3-column blog. Difficult to find a 3-column blog back in those early years. So, we began experimenting with writing our own blog template. It's amusing to think about, but it took maybe a year of messing around with HTML code to finally begin to understand how to create the blog you are reading now.

This blog is actually a 5-column blog. There are two null columns that are there simply to generate a vertical space so that the text of one column does not touch the text of the adjacent column.

By the time that we figured out our present blog format with the "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" buttons and the Google Map links, some years had passed. So, we took on the challenge of going back and reformatting all of our past blog posts. This reformatting took years to complete. A little now, a little then.

MsTioga and I think it was worth the effort!

2PM - Returned to Playa de Matanchen.
MsTioga has returned to Matanchen. We love driving the jungle road from Aticama to Tepic. Especially loved are the tree tunnels of this road. Where the trees grow together from both sides of road, forming tunnels. Wow!

4PM - Flyboy David
Francisco [Weng's hubby] drove up on his 3-wheel all terrain cycle. His daughter Kavena was with him. Francisco told that Flyboy David is coming to Matanchen! Apparently David was seen somewhere south of Mazatlan this morning.

A few minutes after Francisco left, Flyboy David showed up with his new woman friend, Laura! Wow! We are soooooo happy to see David again!
David and Laura.