Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shipping stuff to Mexico

Shipping stuff to Mexico!
This morning MsTioga and The Team are heading to the City of Tepic. We need to obtain the address of our "Ship to" point in order to place the order for our new battery charge controller.

We plan to buy this stuff from Northern Arizona Wind & Sun. Our shipment to Mexico will be by UPS Worldwide Saver.

12 Noon - Placed the order!
We have placed our order for the Morningstar Tristar battery charge controller. Our shipment is being sent to a Mail Boxes Etc store located in the City of Puerto Vallarta. We have used this MBE store before.

This is soooooo exciting!

6PM - Nite Camped in Tepic.
This afternoon we did all of our Tepic shopping. Filled the propane tank. Knocked off the Tepic grocery shopping list. And, bought birthday gifts for Tommy and Kavena whose party is this coming Sunday.

Now we are Nite Camped in our favorite Tepic neighborhood.
Birthday gifts!