Thursday, January 21, 2010

What about Weng

What about Weng?
Reader "krs2fer" writes in ShoutBox: "Hi George how about inviting Weng to use your computer to update her blog? I'd like to read how the house is coming along".

Weng talks to me about using our internet system constantly. Why doesn't she come over? This morning I will hike up to Weng's Hill Top Home and hopefully get her to make a blog update to answer krs2fer's question!

2PM - Weng's blog post!
Little Mavicita and I went up to Hill Top Home to get Weng to make a blog post. Weng and I talked about the possibility of preparing her blog at Hill Top Home. Then Weng could transfer text and images to a travel drive, and make her blog posts inside MsTioga.

This method could work for Weng during the remainder of her time in Aticama!
Weng in her kitchen blogging.

Publishing blog in MsTioga.

5PM - Reader Paul Beddows
We were surprised to hear a knock on MsTioga's door. It was Reader Paul Beddows, come to say hello to the TiogaRV Team!

Isn't it something that Readers find us way down here in Mexico?
Paul Beddows