Monday, January 18, 2010

Wonderful New Year Party

Wonderful New Year Party!
The New Year Party last nite was just wonderful. About 35 people attended! Weng prepared a ton of food. The large concrete table on the patio was filled with food! What a difference from New Year #1 party when only I attended and we had only nuts and canned veggies to eat!

As you may see in pic#1 below, Weng & Francisco's Hill Top Home has a gorgeous view of Matanchen Bay.

Battery bank charging story!
We are very pleased to report to you that our battery bank has responded magnificently to our new charging strategy. Our old strategy relied on the Tre-Metric battery monitor to determine the state-of-charge. This proved to be a faulty strategy. We now realize that only specific gravity provides a true state-of-charge.

Already our battery bank is holding its charge with a 12.4 minimum voltage thruout the nite! And the charge is only about 75% according to the Crown Battery website!

Mr. Sunny is predicting a 100% charge very, very soon!

2PM - News from the beach!
Things are going great on the beach. People from Aticama drive by and call out, "Hola, Jorge!" Aticama is a small town, and people we have never met talk about Jorge, the gringo on the beach. So they call out when driving by.

In the shade of MsTioga is a good place to read a book. I'm re-reading "Before The Beginning", about the origins of our Universe. I like that kind of stuff.

Flyboy David's ultralite airplane is out of commission. The starter's thrust gear stripped. A new starter has been ordered and should arrive by DHL airfreight soon.

All battery cells are now at 1.260+ specific gravity. This is a remarkable change from yesterday when 1'240 was the SG. We estimate the battery bank is now at an 85% state of charge level.

Lunch-ham & cheese taco.