Friday, February 12, 2010

Above Chamela Bay

Above Chamela Bay
MsTioga moved toward the water. Only about 200 yards from our Camp last nite. Now we are above the lovely Chamela Bay!

We are still in the dawn of day. Sunrise in a few moments!
View of Chamela Bay from MsTioga's window

10AM - Crashing surf makes me sleepy
It blows me away to think that my life was not always so tranquil as now. There was a time back in the 1970s, when I lived with my family in West Los Angeles. We had a 3,500 square foot home with a swimming pool and a live-in maid. I drove one of the longest Cadillacs made.

I had no clue back then, of the miracle of MsTioga that lay ahead in my far distant future. I had no time then, for simply watching ocean waves roll in. This morning I am listening to the crashing surf. And that sound makes me soooooo sleepy. I can listen to those waves for hours.
View from dining room table

3PM - Mr. Datastorm online in Melaque!
MsTioga pulled out of our Beach Camp in Punta Perula late this morning. We are heading south for Melaque, a place of much beauty.

You may recall that MsTioga and The Team visited lovely Melaque in December, 2008. At that time, our Mr. Datastorm could not go online. We now know that the reason for Mr. Datastorm's failure at that time, was his transmitter. The transmitter was in the process of going bad.

With our new transmitter installed, Mr. Datastorm easily passed all of the HughesNet tests and is now online here on the beach of Melaque!

Camped just off the beach!
We do not know how MsTioga manages to do it, but she found our Melaque Camp just off the beach. Yes! It's true!

As you may see for yourself in the pic below, MsTioga is now only a few feet from the sand!
Double wow with sugar on it!

5PM - Battery Report
The batteries got a full charge today according to the TriMetric 2020 Meter. The TriMetric shows 100% on the meter right now. That is a pretty good charge!

However, now we know that it takes MORE than 100% on the TriMetric to really completely charge our batteries. Our new Morningstar TriStar battery charge controller was not able to kick-in to Pulse Width Modulation [PWM]. It takes 14.6 volts to do that TriStar kick-in and we only got up to 14.3 volts today.

Once kicked-in to PWM, the TriStar has to hold at 14.6 volts or above for awhile to charge the battery according to Crown Battery Company specifications. Those Crown specs equal 100% charge when all cells are 1.265 Specific Gravity or above. Right now, all our cells are 1.250SG or above.