Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anniversary header pic

Anniversary header pic
Readers have wondered where our anniversary header pic was captured? Last year, MsTioga and The Team traveled to California. During our return journey to Mexico, we passed thru the City of San Diego. One of our favorite places to Nite Camp in San Diego is close to Shelter Island. Before sunrise on November 25, 2009, we moved our Camp down to the bay.

The view from this Shelter Island Camp next to the water was breathtaking! The pic that Little Mavicita took that morning is one of her favorites [link].

2PM - First good view of the Ocean
You may recall in yesterday's blog that we are heading to the Seaside Village of Maruata. The road to Maruata follows the coastline but snakes around in the hills. So far, the few glimpses of water are fleeting and distant.

Then MsTioga drove around a bend in the road and there it was! Little Mavicita captures a gigantic view of the Pacific coast. This view shows an abundance of almost unoccupied beach!
View of the coast from road to Maruata

3PM - Giant tsunami wave
We have made a Camp on the beach at Maruata. We were here only a few minutes, when a 12" high wave smashed into shore.

Little Mavicita captured that wave. Was this the giant tsunami?
Is this it?