Saturday, February 20, 2010

Audible low battery alarm

Audible low battery alarm
When the battery on my notebook computer gets low, no audible alarm warns me. Apparently the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system does not provide this audible low battery alarm!
The computer just shuts down!

Yesterday my notebook shut down without warning of a low battery for the last time. Because I now have an audible alert when the battery gets low! I found this alarm while doing a Google search.

I am soooooo happy with this alarm! I put a loud wave file into the alarm. Now when the battery gets low I hear [this] kachink sound once each minute to warn me!

If you want a Low Battery Alarm on your computer, click [here].

7th anniversary blog post
A couple of days ago I began writing the text of my blog that will become our February 25, 2010 anniversary blog post. In this post I'd like to share with you my feelings about the early days of my vagabonding life. So, I have been re-reading my blog pages of 2003. And remembering.

In retrospect, I now know how very lucky I was to get from 2003 to 2010 and still be journeying with MsTioga. In 2003 I didn't have a clue how seriously low was my income. Much too low to live this life! But here I am in 2010!

Somewhere along the way it came to me that I should not worry about stuff. Every problem that seemed insurmountable to me at the time, every single one, had a solution. All I had to do would be to do everything that I could, and not worry about what might happen.

Preparing this 7th Anniversary Blog Post is a real good time for me!

2PM - Brilliant day in Manzanillo
A very short road goes by the WalMart and dead ends at the beach. MsTioga has been Camped here for a few hours. It is breezy, and the air going thru MsTioga's windows makes it comfortable inside.

Little Mavicita went up on Tioga's roof to take a pano pic for you to see.
View from Tioga's roof

6PM - Guys from Coca Cola
I spent the afternoon hanging out with five guys who work at Coca Cola here in Manzanillo. They all are in the marketing department. We got to talking about my airplane trip next month and that I would need a safe place to park MsTioga.

Edgar offered to keep MsTioga on his property here in Manzanillo. He said that he has lots of land and MsTioga would be safe there. We exchanged email addresses. Edgar is going to email me a map showing the location of his home.

Isn't this the greatest thing?
Coca Cola guys
Edgar is the 2nd from right