Saturday, February 13, 2010

Camping near water

Camping near water
For the past several days MsTioga and The Team have been making our Camps near water. The lovely and tranquil lake of Presa Cajon de Peña was our home for two days. Then we Camped next to Chamela Bay in the Pueblo Punta Perula.

Now our Camp is alongside Christmas Bay in the Town of Melaque. We are excited to be in Melaque. The bay forms a big arc of land with interesting things to visit. From our Camp we can see an RV park at the north end of the bay. At the south end of the bay is a huge hotel.

This is going to be great place for us to explore and search for adventure!

2PM - Watching the water
This morning I borrowed the bicycle of an RVing neighbor to go to a laundry. It is too far to carry the dirty clothes by walking. So it was nice that the bicycle was handy. On the way to the laundry there was a board out in front of a restaurant advertising "BBQ Ribs $60 pesos". I've invited my RVing neighbor, whose name is David, to go to dinner with me tonite to eat these ribs!

For much of the day, my time was spent watching the water. There are interesting things out there to see. Especially with binoculars. Lot of dolphins and whale sharks swimming up to the surface showing their fins!
Watching water on a cloudy day

6PM - Dinner with friends
RVer David and I went to the restaurant advertising the BBQ ribs. A family walked up to eat at this restaurant too. One of them was Reader Michelle!

It is always a surprise when a Reader finds me. Especially way out here in the depths of Mexico! Michelle is a Canadian staying here in Melaque with her husband Grant and daughter Jessica.
Jorge, Michelle, Grant, Jessica and David