Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Clear sky cloudy

3AM - Clear or cloudy sky?
I'm outside looking up at the nite sky. Is it clear or cloudy? Here and there up in the heavens are stars. It must be a partly cloudy nite sky.

Why am I out here at 3am looking for stars? The answer is because of Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank! Yesterday that battery bank was not able to 100% recharge. In fact, the batteries only got about a 60% charge. So, I am out in the nite trying to find out if the dawn will bring us a sunny day? A good battery charging day with a clear sky?

The sounds outside are quiet. All that can be heard is the trickle of water flowing down the dam's spillway, crickets chirping and four horses grazing just behind MsTioga. I am comfortable wearing pajamas outside because it is not cold here at our Camp alongside the lake.

Clear or cloudy sky? We on the TiogaRV Team are not really worried a lot about that. Because we now have the feeling that our Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank is able to go many days without a full charge and still deliver plenty of electric power to us.

Who knows what the sunrise may bring?
Little Mavicita and I were up at dawn. The sky is filled with what appears to be rain clouds. In the distance thru those clouds, we see the hint of a sunny day!
Who knows?

11AM - How's it going?
When Mr. Sunny began to receive power from the Sun at 8am, the battery bank had only 24% of a full charge. Right now the batteries have 39%.

Most often this morning, clouds have covered the sky between us and the Sun! So, we feel lucky that this much charging progress has been made.

4PM - Latest battery news
We found out that our EZ-Red battery hydrometer was not working correctly. The float was not moving freely and apparently causing low specific gravity readings! Fortunately, we have a brand new EZ-Red onboard MsTioga!

We are very happy to tell you that all our solar battery cells are 1.265 SG or above indicating a 100% State of Charge level!

24% of full charge?
Note: This post has been edited 02/10/2010 6:30am
Reader Diugo questioned in ShoutBox about our 11AM post, and rightly so! Our "% of full charge" was based on the maximum power available from our solar panels on a perfect day. I chose 140 amp hours maximum per day.

However, after receiving an email from Reader Jim who is an electrical engineer, the 140 amp hour number which is the capacity of the battery in amp-hours has been changed to 400 amp hours.

Bogart Engineering who manufactures the TriMetric Battery Monitor recommends a value which is 50-70% of actual battery capacity.