Friday, February 19, 2010

Construction in Mexico

Construction in Mexico
We on the TiogaRV Team are fascinated by construction in Mexico. The use of small tree trunks to build a living fence post blows us away! After awhile, the fence post sprouts leaves! Small tree trunks are also used as support posts [see pic below].

Did you know that many roofs in Mexico are made of concrete? Once you have one of these concrete roofs, I guess re-roofing is not on the radar screen.

Speaking of concrete! Entire buildings usually come from concrete mixed by hand on the ground. Shovel by shovel. A pile of sand. Add cement and other stuff. Finally water. Shovel into a 5-gallon bucket and carry it up a homemade ladder on your shoulder!
Construction posts a few feet from our Camp

Roof across the street

Living fulltime in Mexico
As you may know, I have been living fulltime in Mexico since the end of 2007. I love it here. MsTioga is able to make Camp almost everywhere. No police come by doing their hassling things. For me, Mexico is the friendliest country!

My immigration form is the FMT, a tourist permit. I've been using an FMT to live in Mexico for the past seven years. An FMT is easy for me to obtain. When I fly to Mexico after visiting with my sons, Mexican immigration gives me another FMT good fo six months. Since I want to visit with Sons, David and Joseph every six months, an FMT is perfect for me.

However, lately I have been hearing on the internet about a new FMT that is coming [link]. This new FMT will be good for only 6-months in a 12-month period. So I am now thinking about getting an FM3. The FM3 is a renewable long term permit for 365 days, which gives non-immigrant temporary residency status to the holder.