Monday, February 15, 2010

Corrosion control

Corrosion control
Because MsTioga is located close to the Ocean, we must maintain an ongoing corrosion control program. This means that inspection of all metal parts must be made on a regular basis. All screws and bolts are suspect as is any metal part. Last year "Must For Rust" was used to stop corrosion of MsTioga's under body components, and this worked well.

We cannot delegate inspection to others. We have to get under MsTioga with flashlight and see what is going on. In order to do this inspection, an auto shop which will allow the use of a car creeper is essential. Going under MsTioga flat on my back is not a good idea for me anymore.

Maintenance was performed yesterday on Mr. Datastorm's antenna mount. It has been noticed lately, that while Mr. Datastorm is moving, grinding or squeaking sounds have been getting louder. Inspection showed that these sounds were coming from the large azimuth axis base plate. Our Mr. HP notebook computer was taken up on the roof in order to use Mr. Datastorm's software to manually move and listen to what was going on.

A penetrating lubricant was sprayed into the base plate on the mating surface. When the azimuth axis was rotated, the grinding sound stopped! Mr. Datastorm now is moving smoothly and silently again. Corrosion was also found in some of the screws in the mount and penetrating lubricant was used to stop that corrosion.

If we on the TiogaRV Team want to spend time near the ocean, an active corrosion control program is the price that must be paid!

8AM - Pulling out of Melaque
MsTioga is leaving Melaque and heading toward the City of Manzanillo about 30 miles down the coast. We want to explore and do some shopping, and Manzanillo is the largest city close to Melaque. Also, MsTioga's propane tank needs filling.

10AM - WalMart Camped
We made a WalMart Camp and Mr. Datastorm went up in order to make this blog post. However, Mr. Datastorm could not find SatMex 6, his assigned satellite. So, we used the little Hawking booster antenna to locate an unsecured WiFi Access point!

Mr. Datastorm does not know why he could not find SatMex 6. We will have to check into this to determine what is going on.

Note: We learned that Mr. Datastorm is apparently searching at too low an elevation for SatMex 6. We are going to ask for advice on Datastorm Users Forum.

3:30PM - Camped close to the beach
We have made our Nite Camp in the City of Manzanillo. As you may see in the pano pic below, MsTioga is close to the water!

This is a neighborhood with a nice condo building just down the road and a lovely home for sale across the street.
Our Manzanillo Nite Camp
Do you see MsTioga at the far left?

5PM - Battery report
Reader and friend Florida Mike asked in ShoutBox:
"How is the charging system going? Last we heard the batteries had not had a PWM charge yet and were still short of full 1.265 SG readings."

This afternoon our Morningstar TriStar battery charge controller went into Pulse Width Modulation [PWM] for the first time. The controller stayed in PWM for almost one hour, then the Sun began to get too low. The charging voltage must be about 14.6 volts in order to hold in PWM.

Click [here] to read Morningstar's "Why PWM?" page.