Saturday, February 06, 2010


Mr. DeLorme keeps track of where we go
This morning we looked at Mr. DeLorme, our computer based GPS system. Mr. DeLorme keeps track of where we go by date markers. When we make a Nite Camp, a date marker is placed. If we want to look at a blog post for a place that we have visited before, we turn to Mr. DeLorme.

This morning we are heading south out of Puerto Vallarta. The last time we searched for adventure here, was in December, 2008. That's when our Mr. Datastorm found out that he could not make an internet connection along the Mexican coast this far south of Puerto Vallarta [link].

Now Mr. Datastorm has a new 2 watt transmitter, twice the transmitting power that he had in 2008. Also, our satellite is SatMex 6 which seems to operate better than our old SatMex 5. We want to find out how far south we may now go and still maintain our HughesNet satellite connection.

Maybe we are able to go all the way to Guatemala?

11AM - Good bye Puerto Vallarta
Little Mavicita wanted to take a pic of the Malecón of Puerto Vallarta for you to see. There are tons of tourists walking along the malecon [sea wall], visiting shops and restaurants. However, the traffic is soooooo heavy there, that we could not stop long enough to take a pic!

As we climbed into the mountains of Sierra Madre del Sur, MsTioga passed many resorts and hotels. Then we came to a place where the view was clear all the way back to Puerto Vallarta!
Puerto Vallarta from the mountains to the south

2PM - Rio Horcones Camp
The TiogaRV Team has made a Camp above Rio Horcones. There is a bridge across the rio. There is a tiny restaurant next to the bridge and MsTioga is parked next to this restaurant.

As you may see from the pic below, we have a beautiful view of Rio Horcones from our Camp!
Jorge relaxing above Rio Horcones

Crown confusion!
There appears to be some battery specification confusion on the Crown Battery website. When I read Handy Bob a few weeks ago, Bob advised to look to the battery manufacturer for their charging specifications. I did exactly that. However, now I am wondering if these specs are correct, or not!

My new Morningstar TriStar battery charge controller is unable to reach the specs laid out by Crown Battery. So, I went back to recheck those specs. What I found were two spec documents with DIFFERENT CHARGING SPECIFICATIONS!

Document #1 appears to be the same as Document #2. But the Specific Gravity for a fully charged battery and the voltage for Absorption Charge are different.

Document #1: [link]

Document #2: [link]

I could not find Document #1 on Crown's website. But I had that document saved on my computer. So I uploaded Document #1 to my web host for you to read.

I have a suspicion that Document #2 with a Specific Gravity of 1.265 for a fully charged battery is correct. Also Document #2 shows an absorption voltage of 14.5 volts, and that appears to be correct as well.

What do you think?

NOTE: Crown Battery does not give an email address for support on their website. So, I am unable to ask them for help with my charging dilemma.