Thursday, February 11, 2010

Electric miracle

Electric miracle!
You may remember that Mr. Sunny began his new electric charging strategy four days ago. This strategy is based on Handy Bob's claim that an electric generator is not needed to supplement solar panel power.

Handy Bob stated that a properly wired solar electric system using a Morningstar TriStar battery charge controller could maintain a solar battery bank in good working order. Our new Morningstar TriStar controller is installed and working. Properly sized #4 AWG cable now connects the controller to the batteries.

Today begins the fourth day of this strategy. Every one of these days were cloud covered, not permitting a full charge of our battery bank. Yet, our Crown batteries are still in good condition and maintain a Specific Gravity of 1.255 to 1.265. Crown Battery specs state that a fully charged battery will have a 1.265 or greater SG.

We have NOT used our Little Honda generator at all during this time!

This morning our internet system was on from 2 to 6am, and still we have plenty of electric power without the use of our generator. For us on the TiogaRV Team, this is truly and electric miracle!

9:30AM - Charging in the rain
In the pic below, Little Mavicita is looking up in sky directly at the Sun. Do you see the Sun shining its enormous power on Mr. Sunny's solar panels? You don't see the Sun?

Well, actually it has been lightly raining most of this morning. No Sun. No sign of blue sky anywhere.

We put ourself on the line with optimism in our "Miracle" post above. We boasted that we can live without using a generator. Now, we just got to have faith that sometime today, the Sun will shine!
Charging batteries in the rain

4:30PM - No full charge today!
Mr. Sunny's battery bank started the day with 80 amp hours to a full charge. Right now the TriMetric meter reads 67 amp hours to go. Only 13 amp hours received so far today! Wow! This has been the day with the least Sun since we began this test.

Does Handy Bob say anything about overcast skies? What if there is hardly any Sun for 10 straight days?

Mr. Sunny would like you to know that even with all of this cloudy weather, his battery bank right now is only 16% discharged. Mr. Sunny believes that he could get by with ten days like the past four.