Monday, February 01, 2010

FAP again

FAP again!
Yesterday Skype was used to call son Joe. We both had a great time talking to each other. We talked for over an hour! I suspected that my download limit of 375Mb per day was being exceeded, and kept on talking anyway.

Later on I got the dreaded "orange dot" in my HughesNet modem software. I have indeed been FAPed! [FAP=Fair Access Policy] My download speed has been reduced to almost nothing for a 24 hour period! It takes minutes to bring up a webpage, and sometimes a page does not come up at all.

So, I went over to use Del & Angel's HughesNet WiFi access point. And I found out that their HughesNet account had been FAPed too! Wow!

I can barely manage a blog post while this FAP is going on! Browsing is soooooooooooo slow!

Tommy & Kavena's birthday party!
Do you remember about a week ago the birthday party for Tommy & Cavena was cancelled? Parents Weng & Francisco had to call of the party because of the driveway construction going on. Now the driveway is OK to drive on, so the party is on again!

Weng has thrown several parties since her arrival in Aticama. This party was the best for me. I helped make the tuna and potato salad, working in the kitchen alongside Weng, Juanita and Ruth. I love to do kitchen stuff!
Ruth & Weng in the kitchen

Party at sunset

Weng lights cake candles
Cavena & brother Tommy look on

Cavena likes my doll present!

My friend Carolyn

Peg Leg Campground
Are you camping in Arizona for the winter? Peg Leg is a free campground in the Anza Borrego State Park. Not too far away from Arizona! [link]