Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Happy birthday David

5:30AM - Happy birthday David!
Today is Flyboy David's 53rd birthday. Laura dreamed up an "early-morning-wake-up" birthday surprise! Armed with pots and pans, eight of David's friends stood outside his camper while David was still sleeping. Then, all banging our pots and pans, we woke David up while singing in Spanish, "Las MaƱanitas" and then "Happy Birthday".

Later this afternoon, a birthday celebration is planned over at Reuben's Paraiso Escondido Restaurant. Laura plans to bake an apple pie for David using MsTioga's oven!

6:30AM - Menacing storm clouds!
Looking west passed MsTioga toward the Sea of Cortes, we see menacing storm clouds! Last nite this storm brought strong winds which blew rain inland at a sideways angle.

The wind was so strong last nite, that Flyboy Chip's plane which was tied down next to the road is now inside the palm trees!
Beginning of a stormy day!

Weng & Francisco's new road.
Reader Donlyn asked in ShoutBox for pics of Weng & Francisco's new road. Little Mavicita and I walked up to Hill Top Home this morning and took some road pics. This afternoon we found a pic that we took on September 4th, 2009. The comparison of these two pics is really something!

Both of these pics below are of the same section of road. One looking up the hill, one looking down the hill.

Look at the plants growing on the road! This shows how the jungle can take over a road. There actually is a road below all of those plants!
Pic looking up upper most section of road taken today

Pic looking down upper section taken on Sept. 04, 2009