Thursday, February 04, 2010

Heading south

Heading south!
We received word that the Morningstar Tristar battery charge controller has arrived in Puerto Vallarta. It is waiting for us to pick it up at the UPS facility.

After the pickup we are planning to continue south. We want to explore the area south of Puerto Vallarta. Also, Mr. Datastorm wants to check out the operation of his new 2-watt transmitter to see how it works. You may recall that last year our internet connection ended somewhere south of Puerto Vallarta.

Steve O'Bosky, our Datastorm dealer, installed a 2-watt transmitter instead of a 1-watt thinking that this change would increase our range of reception.

Wide ranging storm!
MsTioga was on the road at 7am. Almost immediately the rain began again. This storm has a wide range. The rain continued all the way to Puerto Vallarta during our 100 mile trip.

MsTioga does not like the rain. Even though there are no leaks in her fiberglass roof, somehow small amounts of the rain finds its way inside thru roof vents or windows. Especially when driving or when the rain is heavy.

11AM - Puerto Vallarta.
Making left turns in Puerto Vallarta is an interesting experience. Sometimes a left turn begins in the right lane. When it does, we wait for the left arrow signal, and then make our left turn from the right-most lane in the lateral road.

Sometimes a left turn begins from a left-turn lane. So far on this trip, we have not been able to see signs informing us how to make a left turn. We guess that we just have to know how to do it!

Searching for UPS
Our battery charge controller is at the United Parcel Service [UPS] terminal in Puerto Vallarta. We know the address, and keyed that address into our Garmin Nuvi GPS. However the Nuvi reported two streets with the same name as our address! We picked the wrong street. So, MsTioga spent an hour wandering thru small streets in Puerto Vallarta before we asked for help.

When we were close to the UPS terminal, we could not seem to be able to make the turn onto the street where UPS is located. MsTioga found a nice Camp location on a side street, and I began to walk to UPS. A taxi guy asked, "You want a taxi?" Good thing we took the taxi because the Garmin Nuvi had me walking in the wrong direction!

In the pic below, you see Jorge with the UPS package just after being returned to MsTioga by the taxi guy. MsTioga is soooooo happy that the sky is blue and no rain is falling!
Jorge and MsTioga Camped in Puerto Vallarta.