Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leaving lake

Leaving the lake
This morning we will be heading out from our 2-day Camp at Presa Cajon de Peña. Little Mavicita had been clamoring to rent a boat in order to take pics of sites around the lake. There are homes built along the shore and on islands in the lake which are intriguing. But after having a Team Meeting, it was decided to continue our journey south.

You may recall that MsTioga and The Team searched for adventure in this part of Mexico before during December, 2008. When we reached the town of Melaque, Mr. Datastorm could not connect to the internet! This trip will tell us how far south Mr. Datastorm is able to go and still make that connection.

11AM - Puenta Perula
We have made a Camp in Pueblo Puenta Perula at the north end of Chamela Bay. Our Camp is next to the plaza of the pueblo in the center of town. MsTioga drove down to the beach. The sand on the beach was much too soft, so MsTioga wisely refused to drive there.

Click on the Google Map links below to see the wonder of this place!

Today is overcast once again. This is the 3rd day in a row with overcast skies which has not permitted our Mr. Sunny to receive a full battery charge. Yet Mr. Sunny struggles on, confident that he will meet the challenge of "never using a generator!"
At 1pm the Sun began to shine!

5PM - Testing propane system for leaks
Our "Auto Maintenance Pro" software is calling for a test of MsTioga's propane system. The propane lines are tested for leaks every six months. Today's test showed no propane leaks present!

MsTioga Magazine has a story about how we do this testing [link].

6PM - Nite Camped near the bay
MsTioga moved and made a Nite Camp a bit closer to the water. We are now only a block from the bay!

Down on the beach we saw men constructing huge round fishing nets. The tubes that you see are sealed causing them to float. In the center are the nets. A fisherman told that they catch red snapper fish with these nets.
Chamela Bay with two fishing nets