Friday, February 26, 2010

Manzanillo Mexico rentals

Manzanillo Mexico rentals
Our first Nite Camp in Manzanillo was on February 15th. A homeowner from across the street came over to our Camp and suggested parking in front of his home instead of close to the street intersection. He explained that it was safer there.

He invited me in to his home to chat and show me around. He had built a two story apartment next to his home which was vacant right now. This apartment rented for $500US/month.

Readers have written asking for us to be on the lookout for rentals. So, later this morning we are returning to visit with this gentleman. We want you to see this apartment rental which is close to the beach.

10AM - Morning walk!
I've just returned from my morning walk. The apartment that I wrote to you about above is already rented. On my return walk there was a small hotel and I went inside to find out about room rates.

The young man at the front desk told me that a room for two people at the hotel is 24,600 pesos per month. He also told me that he used to work at another place that has vacation rental apartments that are much less expensive. Only 6,500 pesos per month [$520US].

He gave me a business card for a local real estate company that represents these vacation rentals. Their website is [here]. Below is a pic of a rental that goes for $520US/month. A bay view apartment!

Rental in Manzanillo

12 Noon - Heading south
We are leaving the City of Manzanillo. Heading south. Reader John sent an email and was very enthusiastic about the seaside village of Maruata in the State of Michoacan.

We are meandering down that way to take a peek.

5PM - City of Tecomán
We have arrived in the City of Tecomán and made our Nite Camp in a commercial neighborhood a couple of blocks away from Bodega Aurrerá [owned by WalMart]. It is somewhat humid and warm inside MsTioga. 95°F!

I wanted to show you a pic of the modern artwork at this city's entrance. But Little Mavicita said that this pic is so boring! He is jumping around like a crazy thing insisting on showing you a pic of the Señor Sushi supper that I had last nite. Can you imagine that!
Salmon sashimi and chicken teriyaki