Friday, February 05, 2010

New battery charger installation

New battery charger installation!
Yesterday our new Morningstar Tristar battery charge controller was picked up in the City of Puerto Vallarta. I was a bit surprised to be charged a 22% Mexican import tax [$40.60US]. Actually, the cost of shipping from the USA to Mexico [$125US] plus the import equals more than the cost of the battery charge controller [$154US].

However, what else am I going to do with my money? Save it for my old age? Hmmmm?

It is taking me a long time to get to the actual installation of the new Morningstar Tristar controller. Last nite I spent more than two hours reading and re-reading the controller's manual. Am I a slow learner? Maybe so!

The manual is well written. Easy to understand. There are lots of things to study in the manual. And to get all those things into my brain takes time. I have the urge to just go install the thing and read about it later. But that does not seem to be a good idea with this controller.

Right now I am working on the cables that connect the Morningstar to our battery bank. When I first told you about buying this controller a few weeks ago, I wrote about this cable being AWG #2. However, I changed my mind and am using AWG #4 instead. I am soooooo glad that I made this change to a smaller cable, because AWG #4 is very large and more than enough cable to do the job.

Crimping stud ring connectors to this cable is quite tough. I am using a mallet to hit the handle of my crimper, because the connector is made of steel that is thick. Impossible for me to just squeeze the crimper with my hands. I am putting two crimps on each connector. Testing the crimp is done by trying to pull the crimp apart. My crimps are strong, and do not pull apart!

10:30PM - Want to see the new charger?
The Morningstar Tristar is installed! No big problems doing this installation The TriStar seems to be performing as expected.

Now we are waiting to see if our Crown batteries receive a 100% charge. Crown specs call for 15.0 volts to get that 100% charge.
TriStar on-the-job!

6PM - Our Puerto Vallarta Camp
We have not told you about our wonderful Puerto Vallarta Camp! This Camp is is only a short distance from Bahia de Banderas [Flags Bay]. This is the destination for cruise ships from all over the World! During our walks, we see passengers from the cruise ships enjoying Puerto Vallarta.

Retired people now living in Puerto Vallarta walk by MsTioga on their way to the beach. The greatest thing is, MsTioga and The Team are Camped here for free.

The pic below is taken from our Camp. Do you see the cruise ship heading west? Are the passengers on this cruise ship going out for an evening on the Pacific Ocean? Or maybe heading for Hawaii? Click [here] to see where we are Camping!
View from our Camp

Sundown - Supper on the beach
Little Mavicita and I walked down the road of our Camp to the beach. There were a bunch of young people in cars close to the beach. Music playing. It's Friday nite! If you were a young person living in Puerto Vallarta, you might be here too!

We found a small beach side restaurant. Definitely not a tourist spot. I talked to the cook, a Mexican woman in her sixties. She is part of the Garcia family, three brothers Garcia who own this little food stand. We talked about fish. I ordered a fillet of fish, with lots of garlic. I trust this lady of the Garcia family to prepare a meal that will be fine for me to eat.

While eating my fish supper, the evening was getting dark. Little Mavicita captured the pic below of the hotels along la playa de Puerto Vallarta!
Puerto Vallarta in the evening