Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements
Last Sunday in our 11am blog post we published a pic of the waves pounding the beach. Reader Anne wrote an email about that pic suggesting that this might be our new blog header image. That idea has been going around in my brain ever since.

However, that pic is not complete for our header. More stuff is needed. For example, an inset image showing MsTioga and maybe another inset of myself. With that thought in mind, last nite we downloaded Photoshop Elements on a 30-day trial.

We know nothing about Photoshop! But we suspect that great header pics may be made using Photoshop. First thing that I found out about Photoshop, is that using it is not intuitive. You gotta learn how to use it. Hmmmm?

10:30AM - Flyboy Chip's carwash method
Awhile back Flyboy Chip offered to help wash MsTioga! Chip used a water hose to wet down and then rinse off our Blue Coral Wash & Wax Concentrate. Chip's method is soooooo fast!

For years we used a 4-step method designed to conserve water. First the Wash & Wax stuff was brushed on, then brushed off with clear water, then squeegeed dry and finally towel dried. This 4-step method would wear me out! Often I would only do one side of MsTioga, and then quit washing until another day. Using Chip's method washed MsTioga in less than one hour. And I am not tired at all!

This morning we used up all of MsTioga's fresh water supply. So we have to go now to a Pemex gas station and fill up so that I may take a shower!
Jorge rinses down MsTioga

Note: In the pic above you see the water hose hooked up to a hose bibb. The hose bibb was the water inlet used when hooking up in an RV campground. We removed the one-way valve and water inlet that came with MsTioga, and replaced it with this hose bibb. The water pump now provides pressure for washing MsTioga.

6PM - Last battery report!
Yes, this will be the TiogaRV Team's last battery report! Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank only received a 96% charge today. Because it was overcast all during the afternoon, we ended the charging day with our TriMetric meter reading -13.5 amp hours.

Are we concerned? Are we breaking out Little Honda, our tiny generator as we used to do? No, we are not!

We now know that Mr. Sunny and his battery bank will be just fine. As long as our Morningstar TriStar battery charge controller is able to go into PWM mode about 3 times a month, we will have enough electric power to see us thru all of our nite time hours!