Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Plenty of power

Plenty of power!
Clouds and rain are forecast in Aticama until Thursday. Not ideal battery charging weather! Yet, our solar battery bank has plenty of power even though the batteries are not 100% charged. We sure could use our new Morningstar battery charge controller that is now being shipped to us!

According to UPS tracking, our new Morningstar Tristar battery charge controller is in Guadalajara, Mexico. And it has not moved since last Friday. Yesterday was Constitution Day in Mexico. During holidays, Mexico shuts down. That's why our Morningstar has not moved out of Guadalajara.

Mr. Sunny and the rest of the TiogaRV Team are soooooo anxious to get our hands on that controller. The controller will be delivered to a Mail Boxes Etc store in Puerto Vallarta. As soon as UPS tracking tells us that controller is there, MsTioga will be heading south to pick it up!
MsTioga enduring a rainy day!
Little Honda generator is working today

Happy about our financial condition
MsTioga and I are happy about our finances. Even though we purchased the battery controller AND airplane tickets for our next California trip last month, we still managed to end January in good shape!

The TiogaRV Team's Income and Expense Statements are located in the "Behind The Scenes" section of our Home Page. Or you may click [here].

2PM - Rain continues
The people of Aticama claim that rain is unusual in this part of Mexico in February. Yet, here it is raining all day long. Sometimes light rain. Sometimes moderate rain. The jungle around here which is already green, should be wonderfully green after all of this rain.

9PM - Storm!
Rain continued non-stop all day and into the nite. David and Laura came into MsTioga to watch a movie with me. Just after they left, the rain turned into a storm with wind blowing the rain almost sideways!

David returned to MsTioga warning that the water was rising where we were camped. We moved to higher ground, next to David & Laura's camper.

Our solar panels were tilted up. The wind was too strong to go up on MsTioga's roof to lower the panels. During a lull in the wind, I put on a swim suit and went up there to put the solar panels down. I used a flashlite to be able to see. The panels are down now.