Thursday, February 18, 2010

Raining and warm

5AM - Raining and warm
Since yesterday morning, a steady rain has been falling on the City of Manzanillo. Still T-shirt and short pants weather! Just have to carry an umbrella. Even now when it is still a few hours before dawn, it is 60°F outside.

We on the TiogaRV Team love the rain. Love the sound of it on MsTioga's roof. Especially when the rain is gentle with no wind, as it is right now.

Of course this rain storm has been of some concern to our Mr. Sunny, because there has been almost no Sun for his solar panels. We still have electric power with our batteries at a 60% charge [based on 400 amp hour capacity battery bank]. Little Honda remains unused!

Header pics
Yesterday I showed you a header pic. It is not the plan to use this pic as a new header for our Tioga-George blog. Rather, this pic is only being used to learn about Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, two of the most popular image editors.

7th anniversary coming soon!
Did you know that MsTioga and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary soon? MsTioga and I began being fulltime RVers on February 25th, 2003!

There is talk among TiogaRV Team members, that Mr. HP and Little Mavicita have been secretly working on a special header pic for our 7th Anniversary Day blog!

Foreign restaurants in Mexico
There are many foreign restaurants in Mexico. Chinese, Japanese, Italian/pizza. However, most times the food served at these restaurants may not be what is expected. Mexican cooks may not be trained in China, Japan or Italy.

However, there is a tiny food court Chinese restaurant located at the Soriana Super Center that is different. Three Chinese cooks own this stand, and they are trained in China! The restaurant is called "Long Hang".

A three course meal selected buffet style, includes a huge helping of fried rice for $58 pesos [$4.64US]. Good Chinese food!
Good Chinese!

Sundown - Rainbow over bay
I was sitting on the seawall talking to a young man who works in the kitchen of a nearby hotel. A very light rain was falling. Suddenly we both saw the rainbow at the same time.

Little Mavicita, always at the ready, leaped out and captured the pic below!
Rainbow over the bay