Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remembering Boid

MsTioga wants you to be her Valentine!

Remembering Boid
Little Boid came into my life on Valentine's Day, 2008. On that day's blog post I wrote:

"I fell for Boid when seeing him in a pet store just outside of The WalMart in the City of León. Boid looked to be soooooo calm and mannerly, among the other birds!"

Boid was a special guy. He loved his life inside MsTioga. Boid loved to travel. When MsTioga headed down the road, Boid would sit on the passenger seat back looking out at the passing scene. Boid liked to fly around inside MsTioga. Looking out the windows. Sitting on my shoulder. He was a free bird, not confined to his cage.

Of course it was clear that giving Boid freedom inside MsTioga was a risky thing. But how could I lock him in his cage? Or clip his wing? I just could not do these things!

So, on April 25, 2009, Boid went outside of MsTioga and flew away forever. We miss our little Boid and hope that he is doing fine.
Our last pic of Boid.

11AM - Waves shake Tioga!
The shore in front of MsTioga is pretty steep. Sometimes the waves hit that shore really hard. In fact, hard enough to shake MsTioga at her Camp above the beach.
A big wave comes to pound the shore!

4PM - Vagabonding alternatives
I've considered, from time to time, tweaking my vagabonding lifestyle. Like having a garden.

A short time ago while camping at the lake of Cajon de Peña, I came upon a plot of leveled land alongside the water. This land was among the line of homes owned by members of the fishing cooperative. The home next to this land had a nice garden, and the man who lived there was enjoying tending that garden. I would love to tend my own garden alongside the lake.

Do you recall when I had a garden at Hill Camp in Santa Rosalia? There was a border of stones defining the limit of my garden. I planted cactus gathered from my desert wanderings in this garden. Do you remember the garden's view looking down to the Sea of Cortes?
Last time in garden at Hill Camp-Santa Rosalia
April, 2007

Sailing just before nite
Little Mavicita took this pic of a sail boat out in Christmas Bay just before nite. We like it because it looks sorta like a painting.
Sailing just before nite