Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three column blog

Three column blog
It was because of wanting a three column blog that we have a "classic blog". A few years ago when Google came out with new blogger and developed templates with layouts, we on the TiogaRV Team did not convert. We liked the way our blog looked. Converting to a layout based blog would have changed all that.

However, that meant that we did not have access to "widgets", which only come with layouts. Widgets are tools that bring to a blog all sorts of things. Labels or categories are one of those things. Because we have a classic blog, there was no way to publish a list of our labels so we never used them. But still we wanted labels.

We find label code!
The internet is a miracle place. All over the World people share things on the internet. Stuff that would have been almost impossible to know before the internet, is now available to the ordinary person.

It blows my mind that while camping in Mexico, I was able to find the website of some person living who-knows-where who shared how to put label code into a classic blog. Amazing! Just freaking amazing!

If you look near the bottom of our right hand column, you may see our new "Labels" list! Clicking on a label brings up all of our blog posts containing that label or category. We only just began putting labels on our posts a few days ago, so there are not many posts containing labels right now.

We would like for you to see a list of snippets when you click on our labels. Right now the entire post appears making it difficult to select a particular post to read. But we have the internet resource available, so we will be searching for code to allow you to read snippets!

12 Noon - Fender bender!
MsTioga needs a water fill-up. There is a large Pemex gas station near the embarcadero that has a nice large water hose for filling up. There is a body shop there and we want to look into that shop.

After filling up and looking in at the shop, we headed to the embarcadero. The streets are narrow there, but no big problem for MsTioga. We came to a tiny intersection with a mandatory left turn. MsTioga's rear bumper was only inches from a fence barrier, requiring back and forth maneuvering in order to clear for the left turn. No problem, we have done such a maneuver hundreds of times.

Only this time there was a transit cop at the intersection, and he distracted me. MsTioga's rear bumper brushed the fence. Fender bender!

So, what happened next?
The traffic cop wanted Tioga to back into a tiny street in order to park. I explained that the street was not wide enough. But the cop insisted. I explained again that the street was not wide enough, and asked him what he wanted me to.

The traffic cop then instructed Tioga to turn left in order to find a place to park. Tioga did her back and forth maneuver in order to make the left turn. We made that turn and the cop directed us to a parking place.

The cop asked for my driver's license. I don't give my license over easily. Not a good idea here in Mexico. So, to change the subject, I suggested that we walk back to the place of the accident in order to talk to the owner of the damaged fence.

On arriving at the accident scene, I found out that the fence belonged to a school. I saw a class filled with teenage kids. A middle aged man came to the door. Apparently he was the owner of the school. I introduced myself and offered to pay to repair the fence.

The man looked at the fence, touched the damage a little, and shook his head, "No". He said that the fence was OK, and it would not be necessary for me to pay anything!

5PM - Why do we love the City of Manzanillo?
Well, that is a very good question!
  • Manzanillo is right next to the Ocean and a gorgeous bay
  • A medium sized city with lots of shopping. Soriana, WalMart
  • Manzanillo is tranquil. Not a lot of traffic like Mazatlan and Acapulco
  • Camping here is easy for MsTioga
Oh yes, there is one other thing. Señor Sushi is here in Manzanillo. Remember we were complaining about foreign food here in Mexico?

Señor Sushi makes the best sushi that we have been delighted to eat anywhere. Such fresh tuna and shrimp! And the hand shaped rice is so firm. Does not fall apart. Señor Sushi has wasabi [green mustard] which is hard to find in Mexico. And pickled ginger too!
Manzanillo's Señor Sushi