Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tioga maintenance

Tioga maintenance
Remember I wrote to you that going under Tioga flat on my back was not good for me anymore? Well, I changed my mind. Because I really like to go under there looking around and inspecting. In the late afternoon when Tioga is in a shadow is my favorite time to inspect. Our Camp in Manzanillo is on a concrete street, very clean and smooth. Easy to move around on my back.

Inspection of Tioga's parking brake system came up on Auto Maintenance Pro. While inspecting the brake cabling, I came upon a rusted out support clamp for the black pipe coming from the propane tank. A stainless hose clamp was used to secure the propane pipe once again.

Our rust control program is really doing pretty good. Regular inspection is the reason. Yesterday afternoon some rust was found around a leaf spring support bracket. This is one of the brackets that was replaced last year when cracks were found in the old brackets. After Must-For-Rust was sprayed on this corroded place and the liquid dried, Rust-Oleum Flat Protective Black Enamel was sprayed on. Looks really good now!

12 Noon - XM/Sirius radio
Ever since we traveled south of Puerto Vallarta, our XM/Sirius satellite radio has had trouble receiving a strong signal. We must be close to the edge of satellite footprint.

The tiny antenna for the receiver is mounted on Tioga's cabover roof. Perhaps if the antenna could be raised up, the antenna might "see" its satellite better?
Antenna moved to vent cover