Monday, February 08, 2010

Wandering around

Wandering around!
We on the TiogaRV Team like to search for adventure by wandering around. Most of the time, we have no destination in mind. However, last nite we noticed the large inland body of water on the map a bit northeast of our Tomatlán Camp. It is called, "Presa Cajon de Peña". A "presa" is a dam or reservoir in English.

Actually, this is not the first time that we have wondered about this presa. Flyboy David talked about perhaps buying some land along the shore of Presa Cajon de Pena for a winter home and airplane strip.

So, this morning after breaking our Camp in Tomatlán, we are heading up to the presa to search for adventure!

Note: MsTioga and George have been going to Mexico every year since we met each other in 2003. We were in Rosarito Beach in Baja California on today's date during our first winter [link].

10:30AM - Presa Cajon de Peña
MsTioga and The Team have made a Camp on a road above the lake. It is VERY peaceful here. All we hear is the sound of our neighbor cutting grass with his machete. You may use either of the Google map links below to see where MsTioga's parked.

The pano pic below was captured from the road above the dam.
View of presa from the dam

1PM - Federal land
There are signs here and there announcing, "STOP - Federal Land!" There is a nice flat site behind one of these signs. MsTioga would love to move our Camp there. I talked to a family living along the lake shore and they informed that it is OK to go passed that sign. So, we moved Camp!

In the pic below Little Mavicita captured our new Camp which is next to the dam spillway. Little Mavicita took this pic from the driveway going to the Water Commission office. While there we met Salvador the commission guard for the lake. Salvador gave MsTioga permission for this Camp!
New lake Camp

3PM - Battery power strategy test!
It has been partly cloudy all day. Shortly after the pic above was captured, a big dark cloud moved over our Camp. The Sun has not been out since then. Right now our TriMetric battery meter shows over 45 amp hours to a 100% solar battery charge.

In the past we always have used our Little Honda generator in cases like this. However, according to Handy Bob, a generator is not necessary for a solar electric system as large as ours. So, we are NOT going to use Little Honda.

This will be a real test of our new battery power strategy. We have never before ended our day with more than about a five amp hour deficit. To carry out this test, we will be using our electricity normally. We want to find out exactly what occurs when a generator is not used!