Sunday, February 28, 2010

We are so far south

We are so far south!
Do you look at MsTioga's location on Google Earth? It blows me away to see how far south is our location right now! We are only 18° above the equator!

The image below is a copy of a Google Earth, and shows MsTioga's position in Mexico.
Click on the pic to see MsTioga's location

8AM - The village of Maruata
MsTioga and The Team have made our Camp in Maruata, a tiny fishing village located at the west end of a shallow bay. Some years ago there was an airstrip here, and Tioga is at the east end of the airstrip. Behind us is a naval station.

Part of the job of the Mexican navy is to protect the wildlife that live in the ocean and along the coast. The concrete things that you see in this pic, are homes for fish. One of the navy guys told me that these concrete homes are placed out in the bay so that fish may seek protection inside.

As you may imagine looking at the pic below, this is a very peaceful place. There is hardly any noise here. Only nature's sound of waves crashing on the beach or birds chirping.
View from MsTioga's roof

4PM - Very first blog post
My first blog post was published on May 14th, 2003. The URL for that blog was:

Just after New Years Day, 2004, Blogger lost this blog. It just vanished! Stuff like that happened back in old blogger days. The URL above was no more!

This afternoon I was messing around with the HTML code of my first blogger post, and managed to recreate that post as it actually looked on May 14, 2003 [link].

6PM - Two ships arrive
This afternoon a sailboat set anchor in the tiny bay close to the village of Maruata. Ahile later, a good sized motor boat anchored too.

We on The Team wonder what these boats are all about? What is their story? People from these ships did not go ashore. A dingy from the motor boat cruised around but did not land.
Ships anchored at Maruata