Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weng online

Weng online!
Our friend Weng is back online with a blog post! Hubby Francisco made a ShoutBox post yesterday to tell us that the family arrived at their home in Portland, Oregon on Friday. And Weng made a Skype call to me yesterday evening. It took about a week for Weng and the family to travel from Aticama to Portland.

Weng has not updated her "Mail Order Bride" blog in close to a month. Internet access is difficult in Aticama. However, Weng is back blogging now, and we are sooooo happy to be able to Read Weng again.

Please click on the "Read Weng" pic to read her "We are home" blog post or click [here].

11AM - Computer backup day
You may recall that the TiogaRV Team's method of computer backup is different. We have chosen to backup Mr. HP, our primary computer, to Ms. Vaio, our secondary computer. As you may see in the pic below, both of these are notebook computers.

We use the Tornado File Transfer tool to do most of the backup [link]. The Tornado is fast!

We like to backup one computer to another, because we are able to check to see if our important programs are really an exact duplicate. There is no mystery wondering if the backup worked or not and only finding out after disaster strikes and a restore is made. A visual comparison, one monitor to the other confirms the backup.

The small round thing between these two notebook computers is The Tornado, connected by USB cables to each notebook.
Ms. Vaio [left], Mr. HP [right]

2PM - Mr. Wave6
This afternoon we did maintenance on Mr. Wave6, our noble catalytic heater [link]. Mr. Wave6 lives in MsTioga's shower/closet. During times when it is cold, Mr. Wave6 is not covered. Lately we have not needed a heater at nite. Is it already the end of winter?

So, after Mr. Wave6 was all cleaned up, we decided to put a plastic bag over him for protection against dust.
Wave6 in the closet

7PM - Favorite icon
Do you see the little "TG" icon above? Today using the Paint program that comes with all Microsoft operating systems, I made this tiny icon. The TG stands for Tioga George!

If you look above our blog's address line in your browser, you may see the TG icon there as well. There used to be a Blogger icon there. We on the TiogaRV Team like our TG icon better!