Monday, February 22, 2010

Who knows why stuff happens

Who knows why stuff happens?
An email was received from Infolinks asking for a W9 tax form. I earned ad income from Infolinks and they would only send the money after I submitted a signed W9. The email included a link to a federal website that contained a downloadable Adobe PDF W9 that could be filled in by computer. It was that "signing" thing that started stuff happening!

It is strange how one thing affects another which affects another. A cascading bunch of things causing stuff to happen. Our HP scanner would not scan. It used to scan fine, but not now. Unknown to us on the TiogaRV Team at that time, was that the HP software that controls the HP scanner uses Adobe Flash Player. Adobe had recently changed their Flash Player. Now the HP Scanner would not scan the W9 tax form. So, of course I was compelled to fix this stuff. I am a computer geek, and this kind of stuff is our meat!

I attacked this challenge head-on downloading "HP Solution Center" once again from the HP website. "Solution Center" contains the HP scanner driver. Surely this would fix everything. It didn't.

The HP website advised doing the Solution Center install in "Selective Startup" mode. Just click on "Run", type in "msconfig", switch from "Normal Startup" to "Selective Startup" and the install will go fine.

All that I wanted to do was scan the W9, and now I was dealing with msconfig? You can see how this computer stuff quickly goes from easy-to-do to soooooo deep! Finally I gave up on using the scanner, and found "Casita Telefonica" a tiny phone service store at the nearby Soriana Super Center. Casita Telefonica had a FAX. Problem solved.

Only the problem was not solved. Apparently in all my rummaging around in the inner workings of our Mr. HP notebook computer, I had damaged some electronic thing. Now the trial copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro X-3 would not work anymore.

Unknown to me when I dove into this new challenge, was that silently in the background, Mr. HP notebook computer was collecting information about all these failures. Also unknown then, was that at 8PM on every Sunday evening, if we are connected up to the internet and Mr. HP is turned on, this failure information is transmitted to the HP website. HP then somehow analyzes these failures and sends back a webpage advising what should be done to fix all of this failure stuff.

Now, everything is working right again. And I have no clue as to what actually happened or why now everything is working again. Who knows why stuff happens?

4PM - Another battery report.
We promised you a couple of weeks ago that there would be no more battery reports. But we just had to share one more report with you!

About a week ago the PWM set point of our Morningstar TriStar charge controller was lowered 0.1 volt to 14.4 volts. This one tenth volt reduction allowed the TriStar to go into PWM charging mode everyday. We just checked the Specific Gravity of all our battery cells. According to Crown Battery Company, a Specific Gravity of 1.265 or greater is a fully charged battery.

Every cell this afternoon checked out at a SG of 1.265 to 1.275. Isn't that something?

7PM - The bay at sunset
I've just come back from the beach. The shore of the bay is only about 100 meters from where MsTioga has made her Camp for the past several nites.
View from the beach in front of Tioga's Camp