Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Antennas for MsTioga roof
High priority while here in California is to buy two antennas for MsTioga's roof.
  • One antenna is for our XM/Sirius Satellite Radio
  • The other antenna is for boosting WiFi access range. It is called CaptiFi.
The antenna for XM/Sirius has been purchased and is right here beside me now. It is a Terk XM4 [link]. I'm still working at buying roof mounting hardware for the Terk.

An online order was placed for RadioLabs CaptiFi WiFi antenna a couple weeks ago. When that antenna did not arrive at Dave's home, I followed up on the order only to find it out-of-stock. The CaptiFi antenna has been promised for shipment today! [link]

2PM - Joy of shopping
After leaving Son David at the BART station this morning, it was time to go for my tax guy appointment. The tax guy took only about 20 minutes to let me know that my 2009 fed tax will be about $170.

Then, it was time to go shopping! West Marine has a store in the city of nearby Pleasant Hill. There I found the 1"-14 marine antenna mount that will be used to attach the CaptiFi WiFi antenna to MsTioga's roof. Also bought are two Cable Clams. The cables for our newly bought antennas will run thru these Cable Clams and be sealed, preventing rain from entering MsTioga.

We bought some presents! A really neat sleeve for Son Joe's iPhone. Also for Joe, a cool "side cutting" can opener.

I'm at David's home now. Time for a nice nap!

NOTE:  Below is a pic of my two sons, Joseph and David and myself on March 31, 2010.  This is the last pic that I would take of David.
Joe, George and David
March 31, 2010